Unleashing the future of real estate innovation.

We are investing in technology to help communities thrive.
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About HOAM Ventures

HOAM Ventures is an investment firm specializing in PropTech and real estate technology. We back, acquire, mentor, and partner with revolutionary companies, thought leaders, and products to benefit all parties—developers, investors, and property management companies. Across our network, we provide digital services, common tools, key points of integration, enterprise standards, best practices, architectural counsel, and technical support to create seamless community solutions to unleash the future of real estate innovation.
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Our Network

At HOAM Ventures, we believe that people are the key to success. With innovation, integrity, teamwork, and trust at our core, we build world-class businesses that deliver the best solutions with the highest standards. Our investment professionals have a deep passion for technology and leverage the power of relationships and partnerships to create value for our customers.”

- Andrew Brock, President & CEO

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Our Team

Andrew Brock Portrait
Andrew Brock
President and Chief Executive Officer
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Tommy Wells
Chief Financial Officer
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Mark Knudsen
Chief Digital Officer
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Shannon Streenz
Chief Operations Officer