Origin Story

Six years ago, I assumed the position of CIO for Associa, the world's largest community management service company. During my tenure, I played a key role in making Associa a leader in innovation and technology.

I often get asked, "Why does the community management industry need technology?" The answer is simple; as the Wall Street Journal famously declared: "Every company is now a tech company."

People deserve the convenience of technology in all aspects of their lives—community living is no exception. Board and homeowner demographics and needs have changed, and they want tech-driven options to meet that evolution. However, the fragmented tools available often fall short of meeting customer demands.

Historically, most of our industry adaptations and changes are slow, but technology is racing forward at an exponential pace—and we must do the same. That's why we founded HOAM Ventures, a firm that invests in, acquires, and partners with revolutionary companies, thought leaders, and products that are reimagining PropTech and real estate technology. We provide digital services across our network of products and partnerships to create seamless solutions for communities.

In short, HOAM Ventures leverages technology to help communities grow and prosper. And while we have a passion for advancing technology for communities, we don't stop there. Our passion pushes us to do more, and we want to bring our industry solutions up to non-industry technology standards. Our scope is holistic, our horizon is long-term, and we're here to operate as leaders in the "business" of technology and unleash the integrated solutions that communities expect.

     • Mission: Unleashing the future of real estate innovation.
     • Vision: Investing in technology to help communities thrive.

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